How Pocket Hearts Can Help Kids with Separation Anxiety

Understanding Separation Anxiety

As a mother of two young kids, I understand the challenges that children and parents face when dealing with fear and anxiety. Separation anxiety can be particularly daunting for kids, especially when they’re away from their parents or caregivers. It can evoke fear and overwhelm, making it crucial to find effective ways to ease this emotional burden. 

The inspiration behind Pocket Hearts stems from my own experience as a parent. My son was three years old at the time and faced severe separation anxiety when he started kindergarten. This was straight after the COVID-19 lockdowns where he had no prior social interactions with other kids his age. It led to such intense anxiety that he threw up each time I dropped him off at school. Initially, we tried using normal crystals, toys, and little tokens to provide comfort, but he kept losing them. This led to even more distress! 

So I worked with my kids to design and create something special for them – we called them Pocket Hearts. These Pocket Hearts are calming crystals with a hand-carved groove, designed to help kids feel calmer and less anxious during times of separation. 

little boy holding calming crystal pocket heart

Transitional Objects: A Source of Comfort and Security 

One way to help children cope with separation anxiety is by providing them with transitional objects. These objects offer a sense of comfort and security when children are separated from their parents or caregivers. 

Some transitional objects you can try to give to your kids are: 

  • Their favourite soft toy
  • A small comforter or blanket
  • A painted river stone or pebble
  • A piece of jewellery to wear
  • A calming crystal Pocket Heart to tuck safely in their pocket.

Research has shown that transitional objects can significantly help kids deal with separation anxiety by providing them with a source of reassurance during challenging times. 

kids drawing

Staying Connected: Easing Anxiety Through Communication 

Encouraging open communication with your child is super important to help them understand and express their big feelings. They can talk about the reasons for being worried or scared when you’re not there with them. It’s all about creating a safe and open environment for our kids to share their feelings. We want to encourage them to express their fears and worries about being apart from us. When they talk about what’s bothering them, it can help them feel more secure and reduce their anxiety. We also need to listen to their concerns and acknowledge their feelings. This can make them feel heard and understood, which is so important for easing their anxiety. 

It’s like saying, “Hey, I get it. It’s okay to feel this way, and I’m here to help you through it.” 

Providing reassurance is key too. Children experiencing separation anxiety may feel like they’re losing a sense of security and safety, so it’s important to remind them that they are loved and cared for and that they’ll be back with us soon. We can also empower them to express their emotions through drawing, writing, or playing with toys. This can be a really helpful way for them to work through their feelings and feel more at ease. So, by creating this open and supportive space for our kids to talk about their feelings, we can help them manage separation anxiety more easily. 


Temporary Nature of Separation: Emphasizing Reunion 

It’s really important to remind kids that being apart from their parents or caregivers is only temporary. Whether it’s just for a day or a whole week, we can help them look forward to the time when they’ll be back together with their loved ones. This way, it won’t feel as scary, and they’ll know that it won’t be forever. 

It’s similar to telling them, “Hey, I know it’s tough to be apart, but we’ll be back together before you know it. You can tell me all about the fun things you did today when I pick you up!” 

This positive outlook can help ease their worries and make the separation less daunting. 


The Power of Calming Crystals 

At Pocket Hearts, we understand the significance of providing children with effective tools to manage separation anxiety. Our calming crystals are specifically designed to offer children a tangible source of comfort and support during challenging times. The hand-carved groove in each Pocket Heart is designed (and carefully crafted til it got my daughter’s nod of approval!) to mimic the sense of security kids get when holding onto their parent’s hand really tight. The rope and clip ensure that children can keep their crystal close, providing them with a sense of security and calmness, ultimately helping them navigate separation anxiety with greater ease. 

I understand that separation anxiety is a common challenge for kids, some being more severe than others. But with the right support and tools, children can find comfort and reassurance during times of separation. There isn’t a single tool that will work for all kids, but give a few things a try until your child finds one that they can connect with. 

I hope you and your child can find a suitable solution to help manage separation anxiety. Remember, this feeling isn’t forever, even though it may feel that way right now. Wishing you all the best as you work through this challenging time.

anxious kid in playground
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