The Ultimate Sensory Tool for Children

Do you have a child who struggles with sensory issues, anxiety, or emotional regulation? If so, we have the perfect sensory tool for your child. Read on to learn how Pocket Hearts can help your child cope with these challenges.  Pocket Hearts are natural crystals carved into heart shapes with a special heart-shaped groove for children’s fingers. They are designed by Cecilia Le, a modern creative mum of two beautiful kiddies, who was inspired by her own personal journey of motherhood.

Cecilia’s daughter, Jubilee, suffers from Juvenile Arthritis, which means she has to endure daunting hospital visits and weekly injections to keep the pain at bay. Cecilia wanted to give her a coping tool that could comfort her during these stressful moments. She decided to make her a crystal worry stone, a pink, hand-carved Rose Quartz heart that Jubilee could hold, squeeze, or gently rub.

Cecilia’s son, Hamilton, is full of beans and loves collecting rocks and pebbles wherever he goes. He also finds great solace in giving them a good squeeze before bedtime. Cecilia thought he would benefit from having a crystal worry stone too, so she made him a golden, hand-carved Tiger’s Eye heart that he could cuddle with.

Pocket Hearts are more than just pretty stones though. They are sensory tools that can help children with sensory self-regulation, which is the ability to adjust and control their reactions to feelings and things happening around them.
Some children may get easily overwhelmed by loud noises, bright lights, or crowded spaces. Others may have trouble calming down after something exciting or upsetting. Some may find it hard to focus on a task or follow instructions.

By using Pocket Hearts as sensory tools, children can learn to change their arousal levels according to the situation. They can also develop a sense of self-awareness, confidence, and resilience.

Pocket Hearts come in different colours and types of crystals, each with a special name and a superpower. For example:

  • Love: A pink Rose Quartz heart that can help children feel loved and peaceful. Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love and peace. It can help children heal emotional wounds, forgive themselves and others, and attract love and kindness into their lives. Rose Quartz is also called the heart stone, because it vibrates with the heart chakra and fosters compassion and empathy.
  • Courage: A blue Sodalite heart that can help children feel brave and confident. Sodalite is the stone of wisdom and truth. It can help children improve their memory, concentration, and communication skills. Sodalite is also a sign of harmony and loyalty, because it helps to establish a feeling of unity and trust.
  • Luck: A Green Aventurine heart that can help children feel lucky and prosperous. Green Aventurine is the stone of opportunity and abundance. It can help children attract good fortune, success, and happiness, as well as protect them from harm and negativity. Green Aventurine is also a stone of growth and adventure, because it inspires children to discover new possibilities and learn from their experiences.
  • Joy: A Clear Quartz heart that can help children feel happy and optimistic. Clear Quartz is the stone of clarity and manifestation. It can help children clear their minds, body, and spirit of any clutter, and align them with their highest self and potential. Clear Quartz is also a strong enhancer of energy, which means it can amplify the effects of other crystals and intentions.
  • Soothe: A purple Amethyst heart that can help children feel calm and relaxed. Amethyst is the stone of spirituality and tranquility. It can help children enhance their creativity, imagination, and learning abilities, as well as calm their minds and body. Amethyst is also a stone of protection and purification, because it helps to repel negative influences and cleanse the aura.

These Pocket Friends are there to help support your child in all sorts of situations – you can choose a Pocket Friend that suits your child’s personality and needs best. You can also let your child choose their own Pocket Heart based on their intuition and preference.



How to Use Pocket Hearts for Sensory Self-Regulation

There are many ways you can use Pocket Hearts for sensory self-regulation with your child. Here are some suggestions:

  • Give your child a Pocket Heart to hold in their hand when they feel anxious or stressed. Encourage them to rub the heart-shaped groove with their thumb or finger to feel the smoothness and warmth of the crystal.

  • Place a Pocket Heart under your child’s pillow or next to their bed when they sleep. This can help them relax and have sweet dreams.

  • Put a Pocket Heart in your child’s pocket or backpack when they go to school or other places. This can help them feel safe and supported wherever they go.

  • Use a Pocket Heart as a conversation starter with your child. Ask them how they feel about their Pocket Heart, what they like about it, what they think it does for them, etc.

  • Use a Pocket Heart as a reward or incentive for your child. For example, you can say “If you finish your homework/chores/reading/etc., you can play with your Pocket Heart for 10 minutes.”

  • Use a Pocket Heart as a teaching tool for your child. For example, you can say “This is a Rose Quartz heart. It helps you feel love and peace. Can you think of a time when you felt love/peace? How did it make you feel? What did you do?”

  • Use a Pocket Heart as a mindfulness tool for your child. For example, you can say “Let’s take a deep breath and look at our Pocket Hearts. What colours are they? How do they feel in our hands? What do they remind us of?”

Pocket Hearts are not just a cute face, but are magical crystals for children with sensory issues. They can help them cope with stress, emotions, and sensory stimuli in a natural and gentle way. They can also help them develop positive habits and skills that will help them cope with challenges throughout their lives.

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