What is a Pocket Heart?

Pocket Hearts is a Melbourne based business started by two kids – 5 year old Jubilee, and 4 year old Hamilton. These calming crystals are sized perfectly for little hands, with an intricately handcarved groove for kids to press their finger into when dealing with stress and anxiety. There are 9 different crystals to choose from, each with its own special set of positive energies. So whether your little one is anxious, overwhelmed or under the weather, there will be a magical pocket friend just for them!

How are Pocket Hearts different from worry stones?

Unlike worry stones, Pocket Hearts calming crystals are specifically chosen to assist little ones with big feelings. We concentrate on manifesting the positive energies, feelings and thoughts in children, to calm their mind and allow them to feel comforted in times of high stress. Pocket Hearts act as a child’s BFF who will always stay by their side to help them through their troubles, share their adventures and is essentially a part of their family.

Our Pocket Hearts crystals have been specially curated to include only those that are safe and suitable for children to use. Some examples of crystals we use are:

  • Amethyst: A gorgeous purple crystal we’ve nicknamed “The Peacemaker” for its calming and soothing properties; it is a great choice for kids who may need help with sleep or anxiety.
  • Rose Quartz: Our very own “Heart Warmer”, is beautiful soft pink crystal is associated with feelings of love, compassion, and kindness. It can help kids develop a deeper sense of self-love and empathy as well as draw friends towards them.
  • Clear Quartz: This versatile crystal is what we call “The Healer”. It is believed to be the master healer to help kids through illness and also enhances clarity of thought. It can be helpful for kids who are under the weather or need a little help with focusing.

Whilst worry stones are generally made for adults and is flatter with a smooth oval groove, our Pocket Hearts are made for little hands and are smaller in size, with a deeper heart shaped groove designed to fit little fingers. This groove can reduce anxiety in children by mimicking the sense that they are holding onto a grown up’s hand tightly. The little beads forming the Pocket Hearts ‘hair’ are for those who love to fidget to relieve tension and anxiety.

Never lose your crystals again

Designed by little kids for little kids, one of our biggest concerns is losing our precious crystals.  Many kids can develop a sense of attachment to things that they adore, and it greatly impacts them when their favourite toy goes missing. With this in mind, our Pocket Hearts come with a thick paracord that is unsnappable.  This means kids will be able to simply clip their heart into their pocket and carry their calming crystal with them all day without the fear of losing it! For older kids who have less tendency to lose things, this cord can be easily removed and stored in the velvet pouch that comes with the Pocket Heart.


Teaching kids the power of positive affirmation

Teaching kids positive affirmations is a great way to help them build self-confidence, self-esteem, and positive thinking habits. These may seem simple enough, but it needs to be believed in order to truly work. Our little ones are filled with so many big emotions and to be able to deal with them all without being overwhelmed can be really tough. That’s why our Pocket Hearts are designed as a cute little Pocket Friend that can be discreetly carried around wherever they go – to be there to comfort and support them to slowly develop their self esteem and confidence. Growing up, kids hugely depend on their parents and guardians – people who are in their safety circle, who they love, trust and feel safe around. This safety circle is usually where they would run to in times of need. But unfortunately, there will be times we cannot be there for our little ones such as when they are at kinder or school, or travelling alone for the first time. So by providing them with a magical pocket friend who they can trust and believe whenever they are alone, our little ones will be reinforced with positive affirmations as well as remember just how special, loved and capable they are.


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    I got a pocket heart for a special young lady who was having issues going back to school and with the positive affirmations – it has really made a difference – she takes her pocket heart with her everywhere and sleeps with it under her pillow

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